Signature Spa Treatments

~ At The Killarney Park Hotel Spa ~

Eve Lom Facial

90 minutes - €145.00

(An additional 30 min Skin Consultation on first visit only)

Eve Lom's philosophy is based on a holistic approach to skincare. Cleansing is the key to human grooming. The Eve Lom treatment is primarily an evaluation of the present skin condition, application of the appropriate individual treatment using the highly acclaimed Eve Lom skincare products and finally the re-evaluation to achieve the lasting maintenance of the skin.

The Eve Lom facial involves a deep cleanse, followed by the application of a warm paraffin wax. Impurities are then removed and a clay-based mask is applied, which works to draw out impurities, leaving the skin glowing and feeling refreshed.


Elemis Visible Brillance Facial

70 minutes - €120.00

This anti-ageing face and eye treatment instantly firms, rejuvenates and plumps up the skin whilst reducing dark circles from around the eye contour. Specialised micro-circulatory massage techniques are combined with the powerful proven formulations of Liquid Radiance, Cellular Recovery and the two-phase Amino Active Mask to help smooth, sculpt and restore skin radiance and plumpness. This superior treatment is further enhanced by a luxurious hand and arm massage and de-stress scalp treatment for the ultimate in scientific skin-therapy.


Cooling Hot Stone Therapy

70 minutes - €125.00

Experience the luxurious hot and cold sensations of this massage to target your specific problem areas, alleviate stress and ease aching muscle. You will then be treated to one of the Elemis Advanced Anti-Ageing Facials, designed to smooth out wrinkles and restore youthful radiance.


Elemis Aroma Stone Therapy

80 minutes - €120.00

Many ancient cultures have used the healing power of stones for medicinal and spiritual purposes. In Bali it is believed that the "batu" stones are filled with the vitality and energy of the water that flows over them in an eternal stream.


Harnessing the properties of the stones, we bathe them in warm water, anoint them with the spicy, sensual aromas of the Orient and place them on key energy points of the body. Then in a rhythmic massage sequence, which mimics the strong but steady stream of flowing water, the stones give their power and warmth to tired and tense muscles, promoting inner peace and releasing tension. A treatment which excites every sense and provides a unique aromatic journey of the soul.


Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy

60 minutes - €110.00

Redefine and smooth your silhouette using the Elemis Body Sculpting System. The Body Sculpting Lipo-Refining Serum and Body Sculpting Firming Cream target stubborn cellulite and sagging skin, for visible, rapid results. A detoxifying Fennel and Birch peel off body mask is also applied and combined with specialist massage techniques to deeply cleanse the body’s systems, helping firm and smooth skin, stimulate circulation and reduce fluid retention. Cleansing of the colon through abdominal massage helps to detoxify the body, and works from the inside out.


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