Muckross Traditional Farms

~ A Showcase of Irish Life from Times Past ~

They may be just a stone's throw from each other, but Muckross House and Muckross Traditional Farms showcase two very different ways of life from Irish history. Whereas the grand mansion is an elegant introduction to how the gentry passed their days in Victorian Ireland, the working farms offer a very realistic view of the hard work involved in maintaining a rural homestead in the 1930s and 1940s. Located only minutes from the Killarney Park, Muckross Traditional Farms should not be missed – just ask our Concierge on duty about the best times to visit and things to see.

Step back in time to the first half of the 20th century, when electricity was still unknown in rural Ireland and the horse reigned supreme. Muckross Traditional Farms incorporate three separate working farms (small, medium, and large), each supplied with poultry, livestock, and machinery. You'll get to see how households in the country relied on daily trips to the well for water and a laborious process of planting, harvesting, milking, and other tasks to keep food on the table.

The farmhouses are furnished authentically, with traditional dressers and settle beds. You can also visit a labourer's cottage, a blacksmith's forge, and a carpenter's workshop, as well as a primary school modelled on a typical schoolhouse of the early 20th century.

A farm animal petting area, bouncy castle, and woodland play area will make this an extra special trip for the children in your party. Why not bring a picnic and make it extra special?

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